Rules of Play

Select five (5) golfers to earn points through each round of the tournament. Apply up to three (3) power ups to gain additional points if the metrics are achieved by the chosen golfer.

Player(s) with the most total points at the conclusion of the tournament may be eligible to receive prizes based upon the specific contest entry guidlines.


Birdie BRD 150
Albatross (Dub Eagle) ALB 400
Eagle EAG 250
Par PAR 50
Hole-in-one ONE 500

All Picks Final

Once the event has started all player picks are final and cannot be changed. If a golfer fails to make the cut, withdraws, is disqualified, or for any other reaason is unable to compete any awarded points will remain on the player's card but no substitutions or adjustments will be made.



Bogey-free round

per round

Streak of 3+ birdies, bonus multiplier for each additional

per round

Golfer cards six (6) or more birdies in a round

per round


For contests where a prize pool is offered, winning players can expect to receive their prizes within two (2) business days of the event end date if the prize is cryptocurrency. If the prize is a physical good, it may take between 7-14 business days to arrive.


Players must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to enter contests and must also ensure they comply with any local laws regarding fantasy sports entries. For more information regarding the laws in your area, please reference this guide.